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Targeted strategies also for
trade fairs and events

Any company that wants to clearly position itself in increasingly competitive markets in the long term today needs to ask the right questions. Or they need to find professional solutions to ask them for them. One such agency that does just that and specialises in brand positioning is Frank & Haueis from Erfurt, Germany.

“As a company, it all comes down to positioning yourself on the market, be it with products and brands or as an employer. A great-looking website or a flyer without any substantive statement is not enough. So many medium-sized enterprises are at first bewildered when asked what the company stands for, what its corporate philosophy is, and how, in an era of increasing digitalisation, it has aligned its company for the future.

We focus on the brand aspect. That’s what sets us apart from other full-service agencies. We are the question agency. ”

Frank & Haueis sees a need for medium-sized companies in particular to work on clear brand messages. And here, in turn, the agency from Erfurt breaks down the strengths of a clearly focused brand into very central application areas in practice:

“We are convinced that strong brands provide orientation, simplify the distribution of products and services, and positively influence purchasing decisions. It will become increasingly important in the future for companies to address the issue of meaning. In concrete terms, this means developing content and stories and communicating them in the right channels in an increasingly digitalised world. In HR and recruiting, in particular, the values, history and vision of the company play an increasingly important role: What does my company stand for and what does it promise?”

Frank & Haueis is currently focusing on a brand project, from which the potential for targeted trade fair exhibits can also be derived directly. The agency also firmly believes in the future development of this communication channel.

“In accordance with the positioning of SIOS Messtechnik GmbH, we are working together with the client to develop a mechanism for the sales communication for its highly specialised products.
We are planning various international distribution trade fairs and implementing appropriate means of communication. We look closely at the potential of a brand at trade fairs – but we believe in principle that a lot will change in the future. With technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, products or services can be more tangibly and emotionally charged and presented. Continuous and comprehensive communication with the visitor, from booking to scheduling and trade fair navigation, to the closing event with photos and memories, can make any visit to a trade fair something special to remember. The excitement continues.”


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