ET GLOBAL and KECK on the upswing after restart of the industry. - E3

ET GLOBAL and KECK on the upswing after restart of the industry.

Optimistic forecast for 2022

Frankfurt am Main, October 29, 2021 - For ET GLOBAL and KECK, two leading international providers of brand staging in space in the trade fair and event sector, the end of the pandemic is in sight. The type and variety of projects implemented after the industry's restart clearly indicates this. At KECK alone, there have already been more than 30 projects in a short time in countries such as Italy, China, Germany, Austria and Canada, including highlights for long-standing customers. At ET GLOBAL, there have even been more than 50 projects in countries such as the USA, Italy, Austria, Germany, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Italy, Monaco and France.

“Not only are we back again realizing great projects for our clients, but we are currently taking off in full swing," says Marc Matern, Managing Director of ET GLOBAL and KECK and a member of the Executive Board at parent company E3 WORLD. "We are 'big back in business', so to speak." It will certainly take some time until the industry is back at pre-pandemic level, but ET GLOBAL and KECK from the E3 WORLD Group are working at full speed and are very optimistic about the coming year. "We can already say at this point: By 2022, we expect to reach - and perhaps even exceed - pre-pandemic levels," says Marc Matern.