READY, SET, GO! – E3 WORLD is getting off to a positive start in the post pandemic era - E3

Ready, set, go! – E3 WORLD is getting off to a positive start in the post-pandemic era

  • Positive development despite the challenges posed by COVID-19
  • Decisive steps in setting the course for a successful restart was taken
  • Trend reversal with good market potential for events and exhibitions is expected

Frankfurt am Main, September 28, 2021 – E3 WORLD, a globally active live marketing specialist, can look back on a successful implementation of the restructuring initiated at the end of 2020 with decisive steps in setting the course for the future. The business results show a solid financial basis and a stable liquidity situation.

Joern Trierweiler, CEO of E3 WOLRD, expects a significant market consolidation in the event and trade fair industry: “Once the market is opened up to competition, companies will need to adapt their structures quickly in order to be successful. Here we see new opportunities for E3 because the Group is not only well capitalized but also benefits from a highly effective concept.”

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and associated restrictions have an impact on the current revenue situation. Nevertheless, events are slowly taking place again under special conditions, and a trend reversal can be seen on the market. The total operating performance of the E3 Group in the first six months of the year amounted to EUR 26.8 million despite the pandemic. The figures for the second half of 2021 were confirmed based on the most recent forecasts at nearly pre-COVID-19 levels. This was mainly due to projects in the context of major events such as the design and construction of more than 10 pavilions (e.g., for the USA and Switzerland)  for the Expo 2020 in Dubai, which starts in October. 

E3 WORLD generated a positive operating result. Unlike many of its competitors, the company has a solid financial basis and also secured liquidity in the medium term in order to be able to react quickly to changing conditions. The equity ratio is very solid at 25 percent. After more than 16 months of short-time work, a large majority of the workforce was brought back into the day-to-day business this summer as part of the eight-week program, “Ready, Set, Go!" which was set up especially for this purpose. As a result, the group will also be in a good position for the restart in the fall in terms of personnel.

With the implementation of a new corporate structure based on a deep understanding of the needs of its customers and the corresponding offer portfolio initiated at the end of 2020, the management of E3 WORLD was able to create the basis for sustainable growth in the future. The development of the product strategy was based on ensuring   hygiene concepts  – such as the "Stay Safe Solutions,” the implementation of hybrid and purely digital formats of various (live) marketing events, and the development of sustainability concepts.

In Germany, digital and hybrid event formats, e.g., employee townhalls and product presentations for customers, were successfully carried out at our own event locations. 

Marc Matern, Member of the Management Board and responsible for the internationally oriented brands ET GLOBAL and KECK, sums it up with a positive outlook: “E3 WORLD is a very healthy company with its committed employees and a good balance sheet. Thanks to continuous development, we can look to the future of this innovative service group with confidence.”

Events and conferences, live marketing and trade shows will once again be a growing part of the marketing strategy of many companies after Covid-19. Especially in times of dynamic change, reliability and long-term planning are important criteria in the selection of service providers and partners for the staging of brands. The E3 Group can score points here with its capital strength, its new structure and its innovative concepts. As additional sources of revenue, the newly developed business approaches will make it possible to be more successful in the future than ever before.