E3 is investing in a
market with robust
growth and strong

Exhibitions, events, environments –
major players for businesses

Live marketing is the combination of exhibitions, events and environments into an integrated brand experience. According to AUMA, the German trade fair industry association, this market represented the second largest share of German companies’ marketing budgets in 2017. E3 is therefore investing in the second-largest area of global marketing budgets, just behind the booming online communications segment. This provides a strong basis for E3’s strategy of actively shaping and leading the market.

4% additional growth
every year

The fact that this area represents the second-largest share of marketing budgets is reason enough to justify creative engagement and investment in it. But it is not only the share within marketing budgets that is significant – companies’ communications budgets themselves are also seeing continuous growth.

Current total size of 150 billion Euro –
an investment pitch that can’t be overlooked

At the global level, this growth market currently has a volume of around 150 billion Euro. This value is split roughly evenly between the areas of exhibitions, events and environments. E3 is ideally suited for targeted investments in this field, with industry expertise that we’ve nurtured in-house over decades and a tailor-made set of established portfolio companies that can put new developments and client requirements into practice on a personal level. This means that E3 has the ideal conditions to continuously invest in top-quality service providers as well as in market knowledge and development.


Customers’ requirements are growing steadily

As trade fairs and events are growing in importance for businesses, their requirements for strategies, concepts and consultation are growing apace. E3 understands these needs clearly and sees these investments explicitly in terms of building knowledge capital for portfolio companies.
To this end, E3 acts as an active platform that brings service providers, clients and specialists together around specific goals. This is done through events for current industry issues or by acting as a think-tank for companies that are looking for a professionally led review of their strategy.